Lowering Springs

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Lowering Coil Springs deliver vastly improved ride and handling. Lowering suspension lets your car sit closer to the ground and increases stability through turns or during emergency manoeuvres. 

Using lowering springs is the most common method of lowering your car due to the relatively small cost and ease of installation. 

Advantages of lowering coil springs :-

  • Non-Deforming Coil Springs
  • Vehicle-specific Design
  • Progressive Spring Rate
  • The most perfectly tuned
  • Suit standard (stock) shock absorbers
  • Performance consistent product
  • Designed specially for Indian road conditions
  • Increases stability on high speeds
  • No maintenance cost
  • Lifetime Warranty

Process of manufacture :-

These springs are made of chrome – silicium (non-metallic Silicone) material. After winding the springs, the material is heated in order to relax the metal. The springs are heated from 300 to 460 degrees Celsius depending on the spring thickness. Then the springs are sandblasted (shot peening) and a special coating is applied.

All the lowering coil springs are generally 30mm below the standard. 

Super Low Coil Springs (50mm) especially for Volkswagen Polo is also available.

Note: Heights mentioned can vary, depending on: Life and/or age of vehicle OR Accessories fitted to the vehicle.

Why lower your car?

  • Lower centre of gravity. Like the name suggests, lowered suspension lets your car sit closer to the ground and increases stability through turns or during emergency manoeuvres.
  • More aerodynamic. With the car sitting lower, there’s less air going underneath, which can reduce the amount of drag imposed on the vehicle.
  • Improved handling. Generally, a lowered vehicle will handle better and sit flatter through turns. However, this may not always be the case.
  • Increased visual appeal. There’s no denying lowered cars can look fantastic. It adds a great deal of visual appeal to your vehicle.

Lowering Coil Springs are available for :-


Cruze (30mm)


Civic 8th Gen (25mm)


i10 old (30mm), i10 new (30mm),

i20 old (30/25mm), i20 Elite / Active new (35mm)


Rapid Facelift (30/40mm),

Octavia new (30mm)

Maruti Suzuki

Swift 1st Gen (35mm), Swift 2nd Gen (30mm),

Swift 3rd Gen (25/30mm), Baleno New (20mm)


Jetta Facelift (30/25mm), Polo (25/30mm),

Polo Super-low (50mm), Polo GT (25/30mm)