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Composite Leaf Springs

Dr. Nano Composite Leaf Springs, also known as Carbon Fiber Leafs or CFLs among 4x4 enthusiasts, are direct replacement to OEM Metal Leaf Springs developed for Purely Comfortable Ride. Produced from High-Grade Fibre Composite material, these state-of-the-art leaf springs are engineered to provide optimum ride quality irrespective of the operating conditions in which they operate. Feature packed, a set of Dr. Nano Composite Leaf Springs will deliver vastly improved ride and handling on your 2WD & 4WD vehicle.

Background :-  Dr. Nano made a deep study about metal leaf spring suspension systems & also about the jerks these, stiff & non-flexible leaf springs, give to the passengers while travelling on an undulated road, speed breakers or potholes. One of the key advantage of Dr. Nano Composite Leaf Springs is comfort. The system responds quickly enough to counter the effects of bumps & pot-holes, maintaining a comfortable ride. Additionally, the system has been designed for maximum strength in a OEM-sized package, allowing it to put enough force to prevent the car from rolling & pitching during aggressive driving manoeuvres. System is controlled by a set of mathematical algorithms developed over 35 years of research. 

Features of Composite Leaf Springs :-

  • Mono Leaf Suspension System
  • Light in Weight compared to Metal Leaf Springs
  • Thermoset Plastics
  • 1 Million Fatigue Life Cycle (as tested at ARAI, Pune)
  • Performance Consistent Product
  • Soft and Flexible Nature

Advantages of Composite Leaf Springs :-

  • Being Mono, no Greasing is required, no Creaking Sound due to Inter-Leaf Friction and lower Noise Level
  • Weight Reduction helps to improve Fuel Efficiency and Minimizes Wear & Tear of Body Parts & Tires
  • Thermoset Nature hence No Deformation
  • Five times better Life than metal leaf springs
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance against atmospheric pollution.
  • Delicate Tendency of Absorbing Road Shocks, Jerks & Vibrations due to Soft & Flexible nature compared to Hard & Stiff nature of Metal Leaf Springs
  • Softer ride, Lower Noise level, due to better damping characteristics.
  • Fits without any Modification and is easily Reversible
  • 2 Years / 50,000 Kms. Warranty

Dr. Nano Composite Leaf Springs


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