Nitrogen Gas Shock Absorbers


1) Nitro Gas Shock Absorbers :-

Dr. Nano Nitro Gas Shock Absorbers deliver a comfortable on and off-road ride. The nitrogen gas pressure reduces fade and gives quicker response.

Features -

  • Nitrogen Gas Charged
  • Twin-Tube Big-Bore Design
  • Direct Bolt-In OE Replacement
  • Longer Extended Length for upto 4" Lift
  • Valved for On-road Comfort & Off-road Performance
  • Performance consistent product
  • No maintenance cost
  • Warranty of 50,000 kms. /  2 Years.

2) Comfort Shackles :-

Dr. Nano Comfort Shackles will give a much smoother ride on or off road as the shackles are able to move with the leaf spring giving a much more linear stress reduced suspension action. These shackles allow free movement of the axle in a vertical manner, netting a more comfortable ride. The articulation it gains comes close to, if not exceeding, what you get out of a coil conversion. 

Features :-

  • Made from Heavy-Duty Mild Steel Material. 
  • Zinc-Plated Bolts & Nuts
  • Fits without any Modification
  • Suits Dr. Nano Nitro Gas and OE Shock Absorbers
  • Performance Consistent Product
  • All Necessary Bolts & Nuts are Provided in the Kit
  • Warranty of 50,000 kms. / 2 Years

Ride Height Options :-

1) Standard Height

2) 2” Lift

3) Anti-Roll Stabilizing Bar :-

Dr. Nano Anti-Roll Stabilizing Bar helps to reduce the body roll of a vehicle during fast cornering or over road irregularities. It connects opposite (left/right) wheels together through short lever arms. 

Features :-

  • Made from High-Grade Micro-Alloyed Spring Steel
  • Balance & Stable Ride
  • Improved High-Speed Handling
  • Long-Lasting Polyurethane Bushes
  • First of its kind, a Multi-Hinged Anti-Roll Stabilizing Bar (PP)
  • Increased Roll Resistance during Cornering
  • Guarantee of 50,000 kms./ 2 Years

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